Thank you for considering my DJ servicesI realize the importance of your special wedding day. I will work closely with you to custom tailor your very important day!

Whether it be a small wedding or a large scale event, I can provide the entertainment you need to make your special day the best it can be!

Looking for some song ideas?

Below is a song selection guideline for a variety of formal dances you may find at a wedding.

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• Top 50 Most Requested Bride & Groom First Dances

• Top 50 Most Requested Bride & Father Dances

• Top 50 Most Requested Groom & Mother Dances

• Top 50 Most Requested Bridal Party Dances

• Top 50 Most Requested Bouquet Toss Songs

• Top 50 Most Requested Garter Toss Songs

• Top 50 Most Requested Cake Cutting Songs

• Top 50 Most Requested Wedding Introduction Songs

• Top 50 Most Requested Last Dances

• Top 50 Most Requested Money Dance Songs

Wedding Information

Here are the most requested wedding songs in the past 12 months

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